Month One In London

Added on by Andrew Rose.

It's been a month or so now, since leaving Hong Kong. This is the longest I've been here for... it must be almost seven years.

Entrance, Walm Lane, North West London

At least it's summer. I'm near Willsden Green Station, on the Jubilee line. Whenever it is sunny - even if still cold (and it sometimes is cold) - a lady in her late 60s sunbathes on a chair near the entrance to my building.

I've taken a liking to shooting the North West area I'm staying in. Green leafy column entrances, monolithic wifi stations, tidied fallen trees, traffic lights at twilight. Anything in twilight if I can.

Not sure where this London series is going. I've been thinking a lot about launderettes, diners, and minicab late night sauna like cabins.

Minicab office in East London, near Old Street.

I'm curious to continue exploring the outskirts of the centre, NW and beyond. Later this week I'm catching the 32 to Edgeware.